2013 Sci-Fi Movie Festival in Costa Rica


On the weekend starting August 23rd, the Hotel San Bada in Manuel Antonio is hosting the first Sci-Fi movie festival in Costa Rica “Festival de Cine de Aguirre””. The sponsor include the Hotel San Bada, The Bestwestern Quepos and several local restaurants.  The creative designers behind this even have carefully selected four popular Sci-Fi movies from the 20th century. They will be projecting these in the hotel auditorium starting Friday evening the 23rd and movies will be showing until Sunday. In addition, they have carefully selected the sequence of the movies which sequentially guide you to the fate of humankind on the final day. In all there are 25 events scheduled over this weekend, and free tickets can be purchased by sending an email to info@festivaldecinedeaguirre.com.

Logan’s Run logans-run-costa-rica

Logan’s Run is a movie, directed by Michael Anderson in 1976, which won an Oscar in the same year for visual effects and was a candidate for best director and best photography. It takes place in the year 2274, after a disaster has decimated life on Earth. The survivors live in a giant dome, which is located next to the capital of the United States. The support of all life is run by large computers, and the people are free to live for nothing but leisure and pleasure in a Utopian society. There is a religious cult that centers around a Carrousel, where people are forced at the end of their lives. If they have obeyed laws, they will by reincarnated as clones, and if not they disappear forever. Logan 5 discovers an amulet that has secrets of the dead.  Jessica 6 contacts Logan 5 to explain how to escape to place called the Sanctuary, where all humans are free from computer control. The computers interrogate Logan about the amulet, but instead of punishment, send him to infiltrate the Sanctuary. In time Logan becomes suspicious of the computers, and after learning the secret history of humankind, leads a revolt against the control of computers.

Blade Runner blade-runner-costa-rica

Blade Runner, directed by Scott Ridley and released in 1982 takes place in a futuristic time in Los Angles in the year 2019. In this movie genetic engineering has evolved to the manufacture of human clones which are forced into labor in the outer colonies of the planet Earth. The model Nexus-6 physically resemble human beings, but have greater strength and agility; however lack any form of emotional response. In the year 2019, clones are declared illegal on Earth after a bloody war between humans and clones on Mars. Harrison Ford plays a special police officer, who is tasked with finding those Martian clones that have escaped to Earth.


In the year 2000, the city of Metropolis is divided into two classes, the rich and powerful, which live in luxurious skyscrapers, and the working class,which is condemned to live in subhuman conditions. Freder, the person in control of the city, is worshiped by the working class. After hearing about some protests, he sympathizes with them, and falls in love with a woman from the working class named Maria. A scientist named Rotwang creates a robot identical to this girl, but with an evil mind which spreads messages of violence.

Forbidden Planet

The Forbidden Planet, created in 1956, was intended to attract fans of the popular TV series Lost in Space.  The United Planets cruiser C-57D is sent to the planet Altair IV, in the Altair solar system, which is 16 light years from Earth. It’s mission is to learn what happened to an expedition that was sent their 20 years earlier. Upon landing, they discover Dr. Edward Morbious who warns them to stay away. He indicates that the previous expedition was vaporized by an unknown force, and express concerns that the C-57D will face a similar fate. Morbious clams to have created a plastic machine, which has turned him into a genious, and allowed him to create a new race or robots. He also creates and invisible monster which is his own alter-ego.  Read more here.

Hotel San Bada, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Hotel San Bada, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica:  35% Price Drop

This is a fabulous deal on one of the very most unique hotels in Costa Rica. Hotel San Bada is found inside the Manuel Antonio National Park. So, you are literally surrounded by tropical wilderness, which includes dense forest canopy. The park entrance is right beside the hotel property, making this place an awesome destination for nature enthusiasts. The hotel has 67 independently furnished rooms, which feature indigenous teak and bamboo wood. The resort also has an incredibly nice pool, 24 hour fitness center and spa. Enjoy a nice massage after a challenging nature hike or a trip to the beach.
hotel-san-bada-room manuel-antonio-entrance
hotel-san-bada-pool hotel-san-bada-view

Hotel Amenities

✓ Pool
✓ Internet Access
✓ Business Center
✓ Room Service
✓ Accessible path of travel
✓ Accessible bathroom
✓ In-Room accessibility

For a limited time, rooms are starting at $165, which is 35% less than the normal price of $273. Click to book Now!




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