ADVERTISE is a growing web site and business with the objective of providing a guide to both visiting and living in Costa Rica. The site promotes the following businesses in Costa Rica:

  • Hotels

  • Tours and Activities

  • Restaurants

  • Ancillary Businesses in the Tourism Sector is a hospitality and tourism service which provides relevant content, guides, referrals and reservations to customers.

Mission Statement: aims to provide a value-added service to tourists, foreign residents and prospective foreign residents of Costa Rica which includes:

  • Relevant Content

  • Reviews

  • Guides

  • Tips and How-To’s

  • Free Concierge Service to Customers

Who Is the Customer?

The customer includes people who visit Costa Rica from North America for any purpose. This includes the following:

  • Tourists

  • Foreign Residents

  • Candidates for Residency

  • Business Travelers

What are the Customer Demographics?




21 and Under: 10%

22 to 35: 30%

36 and Older: 60%

Male: 70%

Female: 30%


North America: 75%

Other: 25%


Under $50K: 15%

$50-100K: 55%

Over $100K: 30%

High-Level Web Traffic Statistics:



Current (May 2014)

Projected (January 2015)

Monthly Visitors



Monthly Page Views



Bounce Rate



1st Page in Google

10 key words related to nightlife in Costa Rica

~10+ 20 keywords related to hotels and tours in Costa Rica


  • The bounce rate is very low compared to the competition. The plan is to keep it that way by providing relevant and useful information about Costa Rica that is not available in other channels.

  • We are posting on average of 5 x 500 word unique articles per day, about Costa Rica, using highly targeted key words. All content complies with best practice SEO and is checked for keyword optimization, grammar and copyright.

  • Weekly newsletter has 400 subscribers and are returning site visitors with a high interest in visiting or living in Costa Rica.

How to Get Started

Send an email to or CLICK HERE to download a media kit.



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