Avenida Escazu Costa Rica


Avenida Escazu Costa Rica Overview

Avenida Escazu is a trendy new commercial center located in the northern zone of Escazu and about 10 minutes west of San Jose. To get there, you just need to take the pista from La Sabana to Escazu and take the first exist after the toll booth. You will pass by a gas station, a BAC, a Fischel, Jazz Cafe and Plaza Itskatzu. Then, you will pass under the Pista and pass Home Depot, Pricesmart, the CIMA Hospital and at the end is Avendia Escazu.

Avenida Escazu is an upscale shopping center that also features top notch dining and one of the newest IMAX cinemas which features 2D and 3D theaters with incredible sound systems. The is also a VIP disco upstairs for another options for nightlife in Escazu.

I take the kids here on the weekend, because there are lot’s of activities for them as well. There is a nice playground that is free of charge with excellent mountain views. There is also an indoor playground inside which is large and for about $10 per kid, they can burn energy there all afternoon.

Inside the the building there is a food court with some expected fast food chains like McDonalds, Subway and some smaller Costa Rican chains. You even get some pretty fresh sushi at a Japanese restaurant in the food court.

Outside there are some nice dining options. Probably my favorite is Product C, which is the only restaurant I know of that features fresh local oysters. Apparently, there is an oyster farm on the Pacific Coast in northern Guanacaste. I tried them and I was actually impressed. They are smaller and have that salty oyster taste that I was expecting. All seafood there is local and very fresh. They truck it in daily from the coast.

Some other good options are the Davina Comida if you like Peruvian Fusion. Here you will find excellent ceviche and also the Peruvian “chifa” which is a fusion of Peru and Chinese. In the event you didn’t know, there is a very large population of Chinese in Peru and most Peruvian restaurants offer chifa dishes.

If you want to really get a taste of Costa Rica, there is even a Starbucks (Just Kidding). Believe it or not, It always seems to be crowded, even though most Ticos would rather chop-off a finger than spend $3 or more on a cup of coffee.

Another little secret – if you want to buy reasonably priced clothing, you can do it in Avenida Escazu. The clothing stories all look very expensive, but when you walk inside, you will be shocked to see nice clothing at prices comparable to the US. I shop in Gef and the Italian clothing store almost exclusively for myself, the wife and kids. You can find a pair of jeans for $40 and polo shirts for $20-30. Those prices double or triple at the nearby Multiplaza Escazu.



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