Bomberos de Costa Rica


If you are need to call the fire department in Costa Rica, then you will be calling Los Bomberos de Costa Rica. We needed to call them today by dialing “911” on our ICE phone. Why? We brought home a brand new (new to us but used) tank of gas, and the cylinder was broken. The second they attached the valve, the tank literally start hissing and leaking gas in huge quantities.

I quickly instructed my wife to shut off the electricity and I took the tank and ran it outside into the lot next door. Thankfully, there was heavy wind, and probably no need for huge alarm. However, the only people equipped to deal with this kind of thing are the Bomberos.

They arrived and had a special tool that they inserted into the tank. They made a few twists and the leak stopped.

The Bomberos were also very upset generally. Recently, there has been a huge gas shortage and I assume the companies like Tropigas let quality slide over the weekend. Based on their expression, we weren’t the first call that day. They even asked me for a receipt from the super market. I showed it to them. The police arrived and said they would escort me to the supermarket to explain the problem.  Instead, we snapped a photo of the police holding the receipt in front of the fire truck.

In all today, I give the Bomberos de Costa Rica and the Escazu Policia a thumbs-up. They solved the problem and they were very respectful. In fact, tomorrow they will bring a “Constastancia” to the house which is an official police report so I could actually file a complaint with the company in court. I don’t think we are going to go down that road, but it’s another aspect of customer service I was not expecting.bomberos de costa rica Th

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