Lately, I have been pleasantly surprised to see public buses, which run on natural gas. For those who don’t yet know, these old buses are normally dumping tons of noxious smoke into the air, over the country. The… Read More

Today the Costa Rican Coast Guard (Guarda Costas) arrested an Ecuadorian ship Maria Aurelia for fishing without a device, which is required by law in Costa Rican waters. This device is called a Turtle Excluder Device or TED… Read More

Scientists have estimated that Costa Rica is home to 4% of the world’s natural biodiversity. This small country is home to more than half a million different species of plants, mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Eco-tourism… Read More

Get Rich on Costa Rican Gold

The local newspaper today reported that digging for gold has been increasing in the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica.  The majority is taking place in a protected national park, Corcovado. From prehistoric times to present, it is… Read More

Poas Volcano

Poás Volcano is a unique volcano in Costa Rica and probably the easiest day trip from San Jose.  One of its most spectacular features is the large crater located on top of its 8,000 foot tall summit.  The… Read More

The Arenal Volcano (Vulcan Arenál) is the centerpiece of the Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica. Arenal is the most active volcano in the country, and currently in the top 10 most active volcanoes in the world…. Read More

New Species of Orchid Discovered in Costa Rica

Costa Rica with all of its biodiversity is certainly a place to explore for biologists, researchers and nature enthusiasts.  Researcher Auguste R. Endres spent seven years discovering, researching and collecting indigenous flora in Costa Rica, especially orchids.  In his… Read More

Whale and Dolphin Festival 2013

In an effort to put Playa Ballena and Uvita on the tourism map, for whale and dolphin tours, the local community comes together each year and offers special promotions for boat tours to see these amazing whales and… Read More

Costa Rica Proposing to Protect Playa Moin

The Ministry of Environment (MINAE) are developing a plan to create a protected area in Moin and to preserve sea turtles that nest on this beach, wetlands and mangroves around the mouth of the Matina River.  This was… Read More

Sea Shepherd Honors Jairo Sandoval Mora

A few weeks ago, we wrote a story about the brutal killing of sea turtles in Limon, for the small amount of money received by selling their eggs. Here is the original article.  Shortly after this story was… Read More