This upcoming October 16 marks the official beginning of the cruise season for 2013-2014. However, expectations in Limon are very low for many reasons. Local merchants in Limon have noticed a steady decline each year in the amount… Read More

Although the Ylang Ylang Beach resort has yet to get itself certified by the ICT for sustinable tourism, it certainly has taken recent steps for compliance. The hotel has just implemented a solar garden system which makes the hotel almost… Read More

Cerros de Escazu is a protected national park located just south of the city of Escazu in the mountains.   The mountains here are usually called the Escazu mountains, however, officially they are part of the Talamanca mountain… Read More

El Sendero El Ceibo

The closed entrance to Braulio Carrillo National Park, to the San Jose area, is called El Sendero El Ceibo. This is located about 19 kilometers after you enter the park coming from San Jose. The drive from San… Read More

Monteverde is a biological reserve located south west of Arenal Volcano National Park in Guanacaste. This beautiful place is best known for its cloud forest with hanging bridges. It is located right on the ridge of Costa Rica’s… Read More

Buy Rainforest in Costa Rica

Why Buy Rainforest in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is home to 4% of the world’s biodiversity and has nearly 12 million acres of rainforest. The majority of this land is protected by government and declared as a national… Read More

Braulio Carrillo is the closest national park to San jose and makes for a great day trip. The park was named after Costa Rica’s third president Dr. Braulio Carrillo and it is located in the northeast section of… Read More

Today the Costa Rican Coast Guard (Guarda Costas) arrested an Ecuadorian ship Maria Aurelia for fishing without a device, which is required by law in Costa Rican waters. This device is called a Turtle Excluder Device or TED… Read More

Costa Rica is a great destination that provides the ability to escape the stresses of modern day life, and relax in the midst of natural beauty, at a great price. While you are exploring national parks, rainforests, butterfly… Read More