In Costa Rica, most sea turtle populations are endangered due to environmental pressures and poaching, where the sea turtles are hunted and killed for the flesh, shells and eggs. It is truly disgusting to think about. What is… Read More

Buy Rainforest in Costa Rica

Why Buy Rainforest in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is home to 4% of the world’s biodiversity and has nearly 12 million acres of rainforest. The majority of this land is protected by government and declared as a national… Read More

Lately, I have been pleasantly surprised to see public buses, which run on natural gas. For those who don’t yet know, these old buses are normally dumping tons of noxious smoke into the air, over the country. The… Read More

Today the Costa Rican Coast Guard (Guarda Costas) arrested an Ecuadorian ship Maria Aurelia for fishing without a device, which is required by law in Costa Rican waters. This device is called a Turtle Excluder Device or TED… Read More

Scientists have estimated that Costa Rica is home to 4% of the world’s natural biodiversity. This small country is home to more than half a million different species of plants, mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Eco-tourism… Read More

Sustainable Travel in Costa Rica

Sustainable travel is a very popular trend in Costa Rica, and it provides a level of insurance that the biodiversity of Costa Rica, which draws nearly 2 million tourists each year, is here to stay for future generations…. Read More

Costa Rica Proposing to Protect Playa Moin

The Ministry of Environment (MINAE) are developing a plan to create a protected area in Moin and to preserve sea turtles that nest on this beach, wetlands and mangroves around the mouth of the Matina River.  This was… Read More

Sea Shepherd Honors Jairo Sandoval Mora

A few weeks ago, we wrote a story about the brutal killing of sea turtles in Limon, for the small amount of money received by selling their eggs. Here is the original article.  Shortly after this story was… Read More

Charles Darwin once said that even the smallest insects in the rainforest are examples of millions of years of evolution. The earth is truly an amazing hosts to climates and habitats that are so extremely different, yet co-exist… Read More