Car Accidents in Costa Rica

People who come to Costa Rica often times overlook one of the highest risks to personal safety – traffic accidents. North Americans who come to Costa Rica to visit or live, often times, will either rent a car… Read More

Driving in Costa Rica

Driving in Costa Rica can be a stressful experience.  Between poor road conditions, pot holes, crazy drivers, aggressive bus drivers, and roads that just end, for no reason;  it is certainly a challenge. On the upside, I have… Read More

Car Watcher Incorporated

Outside my office there are two car watchers. They sit on a window sill, like two birds, and wait for cars. When that park cars in lots painted and regulated by the municipality of San Pedro. This presents… Read More

Costa Rican Car Parkers

Car parking in Costa Rica is very different than the US. Unless it is private parking, there is a likely a “cuidacarro” there to help you park and supposedly watch your car. I have never had an issue… Read More