Tico Social Norms

Anyone who spends a lot of time either visiting or living in Costa Rica will go through some adjustments and frustrations at a wide variety of things. You might grow tired of dealing with the governmental bureacracy on… Read More

The Spanish Colonization of Costa Rica

Many people who visit Costa Rica do not know much about it’s culture or history. Costa Rica, like most countries, has had periods of relative peace, and periods of unrest. Scientists have discovered that civilization existed for thousands… Read More

San Carlos Costa Rica

San Carlos is a city located about 90 kilometers north of San Jose and is known as the gateway to the northern parts of Costa Rica. The city lies on the the northern side of a string of… Read More

Costa Rica Facts for Kids

Whether you are visiting Costa Rica, or planning on living in Costa Rica, its certainly a great place to take your kids.  The Costa Rican people are very family oriented and they certainly love being surrounded by children…. Read More

Moving To Costa Rica

Almost everyday, I hear someone on Facebook or through email say “I want to move to Costa Rica”. Due to a variety of reasons, there is growing trend of Americans who want to live abroad, and Costa Rica… Read More

One advantage of living in Costa Rica is that you can find beautiful women everywhere. I’m not sure why, but I think it might have something to do with genetics and the mixing of Spanish and Indian genes…. Read More

Attractions to Visit If you happen to be in San Jose, Costa Rica, there some tourists attractions that can help you understand more about Costa Rican culture, art, and history. Teatro Nacional The Teatro Nacional (National Theatre) is… Read More

Ticos Are Selling Their Kidneys Online

La Nacion newspaper reported today that Costa Ricans are selling their kidneys via online classifieds. As one 34 year old taxi driver says I am young and in good shape. I hope to sell one of my kidneys… Read More

Public Health Care Tips Costa Rica

Public Health Care Tips – Costa Rica Costa Rica has both a private and public health care system.  This post will focus on the public health care system.  I’m a permanent resident from the US.  Today, I’m apply… Read More