Facebook Contacted By Costa Rica

Facebook has already established itself as the most popular social networking platform on the internet. Although Facebook has not publicly released any statistics, it has been said that the social network receives over 700 million active users per… Read More

Lately, I have been pleasantly surprised to see public buses, which run on natural gas. For those who don’t yet know, these old buses are normally dumping tons of noxious smoke into the air, over the country. The… Read More

Relative to the US, Costa Rica has a lower rate of gun violence, even thought the per capita GDP is significantly less. Traditionally, experts in the US have traced gun violence to a number of factors, which include… Read More

Costa Rica Gun Laws

Costa Rica is a conservative country, which has inherited it´s culture, language, social norms and legal system from it´s mother country, Spain. The country is very Catholic, and laws and social norms tend to side with guidelines established… Read More

Same Sex Marriage Almost Passed, By Mistake

Incredibly enough, the Costa Rican Legislature, which is called Sala IV, passed legislation, which after further reviewed, permitted same-sex marriages.  José María Villalta, a lawmaker in San Jose, put wording into a bill, which is called Reform of… Read More

Driving in Costa Rica

Driving in Costa Rica can be a stressful experience.  Between poor road conditions, pot holes, crazy drivers, aggressive bus drivers, and roads that just end, for no reason;  it is certainly a challenge. On the upside, I have… Read More

Costa Rica Much Safer Than Dangerous Cities in US

Based upon data published by the FBI, violent crime and poverty are on the rise in the US. In 2012, violent crime rose by 1.2% and, for the third year in a row, Flint Michigan has won the… Read More

Gay Marriage in Costa Rica

Gay and Lesbian rights made some significant advances in Costa Rica since the 1970’s, but far fall behind advances/declines (this depends on what side of the plate you bat from) in the US. Illegality of Homosexuality Due to… Read More

Security Warning for US Citizens just received a warning from the US Embassy due to the protests downtown.  I just returned from San Jose this afternoon.  The roads were blocked, but I did not sense any kind of a security issue whatsoever…. Read More

Investigation into the Accounts of Laura Chinchilla

The National Liberation Party ( Partido Liberación Nacional or PLN) will be asking President Laura Chinchilla to turn over her accounts for review.  This is part of an investigation of failed $1.5 billion project with China to enhance oil… Read More