LASIK Surgery for Nearsighted People

Myopia is a medical term for nearsightedness. It is a vision condition of your eye through which close or near objects are seen clearly, and objects that are distant appear blurry. This symptom is termed refractive error in… Read More

Homeopathy Tips in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a large rural population that relies heavily on alternative methods of medication. As many as 35 per cent of people live in a rural setting, away from many of the modern health care technology. As… Read More

Organ Traffickers Caught in San Jose

Three doctors along with a businessman were arrested last Thursday on suspicion of being a member of an worldwide network charged with transplant organs privately hospitals in Costa Rica, Panama And Nicaragua.  The doctors all the well known… Read More

Dental Implant Tips in Costa Rica

Dental tourism is really a fast rising trend in both North American and Europe because of the rising costs of most procedures. Dental tourists, who come to Costa Rica, will be astonished at the difference of cost for… Read More

Lately, I have been pleasantly surprised to see public buses, which run on natural gas. For those who don’t yet know, these old buses are normally dumping tons of noxious smoke into the air, over the country. The… Read More

Dengue in Costa Rica

Dengue is a virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical countries.  There is no vaccine currently available.  The symptoms include fever, headache, joint pain and a characteristic rash that looks like measles.  In the first nine days… Read More

Gay Marriage in Costa Rica

Gay and Lesbian rights made some significant advances in Costa Rica since the 1970’s, but far fall behind advances/declines (this depends on what side of the plate you bat from) in the US. Illegality of Homosexuality Due to… Read More

Ticos Are Selling Their Kidneys Online

La Nacion newspaper reported today that Costa Ricans are selling their kidneys via online classifieds. As one 34 year old taxi driver says I am young and in good shape. I hope to sell one of my kidneys… Read More

Public Health Care Tips Costa Rica

Public Health Care Tips – Costa Rica Costa Rica has both a private and public health care system.  This post will focus on the public health care system.  I’m a permanent resident from the US.  Today, I’m apply… Read More

Health Care Tips Costa Rica

According to the WHO, the Costa Rica health care system rates higher than the United States. First, let me tell you that you should have no fear about medical or dental care in Costa Rica. The doctors and… Read More