If you are need to call the fire department in Costa Rica, then you will be calling Los Bomberos de Costa Rica. We needed to call them today by dialing “911” on our ICE phone. Why? We brought… Read More

Avoid Scams with Costa Rican Women – Part 2

Whether you are a tourist or a resident in Costa Rica; if you are sexually active, you should become familiar with the pregnancy scare. As a young single man, from Norther America, I received both legitimate and scam-type… Read More

Avoid Scams with Costa Rican Women – Part 1

Costa Rica has over 2 million tourists visit the country per year.  Of this number, it has been estimated that close to 10% fly down purely to find women.  This is not secret.  These are men seeking women,… Read More

Facebook Contacted By Costa Rica

Facebook has already established itself as the most popular social networking platform on the internet. Although Facebook has not publicly released any statistics, it has been said that the social network receives over 700 million active users per… Read More

This upcoming October 16 marks the official beginning of the cruise season for 2013-2014. However, expectations in Limon are very low for many reasons. Local merchants in Limon have noticed a steady decline each year in the amount… Read More

Organ Traffickers Caught in San Jose

Three doctors along with a businessman were arrested last Thursday on suspicion of being a member of an worldwide network charged with transplant organs privately hospitals in Costa Rica, Panama And Nicaragua.  The doctors all the well known… Read More

Car Accidents in Costa Rica

People who come to Costa Rica often times overlook one of the highest risks to personal safety – traffic accidents. North Americans who come to Costa Rica to visit or live, often times, will either rent a car… Read More

Relative to the US, Costa Rica has a lower rate of gun violence, even thought the per capita GDP is significantly less. Traditionally, experts in the US have traced gun violence to a number of factors, which include… Read More

Costa Rica Gun Laws

Costa Rica is a conservative country, which has inherited it´s culture, language, social norms and legal system from it´s mother country, Spain. The country is very Catholic, and laws and social norms tend to side with guidelines established… Read More

Moving To Costa Rica

Almost everyday, I hear someone on Facebook or through email say “I want to move to Costa Rica”. Due to a variety of reasons, there is growing trend of Americans who want to live abroad, and Costa Rica… Read More