Avoid Scams with Costa Rican Women – Part 2

Whether you are a tourist or a resident in Costa Rica; if you are sexually active, you should become familiar with the pregnancy scare. As a young single man, from Norther America, I received both legitimate and scam-type… Read More

Avoid Scams with Costa Rican Women – Part 1

Costa Rica has over 2 million tourists visit the country per year.  Of this number, it has been estimated that close to 10% fly down purely to find women.  This is not secret.  These are men seeking women,… Read More

Organ Traffickers Caught in San Jose

Three doctors along with a businessman were arrested last Thursday on suspicion of being a member of an worldwide network charged with transplant organs privately hospitals in Costa Rica, Panama And Nicaragua.  The doctors all the well known… Read More

Moving To Costa Rica

Almost everyday, I hear someone on Facebook or through email say “I want to move to Costa Rica”. Due to a variety of reasons, there is growing trend of Americans who want to live abroad, and Costa Rica… Read More

Costa Rica Background Checks

Some people are not aware that it is possible to run Costa Rica background checks.  This is useful for several different scenarios, which include, but are not limited to the following: A married man travels to Costa Rica… Read More

Land Squatter Tips – Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a unique and legendary problem called squatting.  Squatters are people that prospect vacant buildings and homes.  They rely upon a very vague Costa Rica law that indicates that if a property is vacant, and you… Read More

More Costa Rica Scams

In Costa Rica, I always encourage both residents and tourists to use vigilance when driving, especially at night.   As is normal, I never thought anything could happen to me, because I’m always very careful. Do Not Get… Read More

Identity thieves in Costa Rica

I live in a wealthy section of Costa Rica and am surrounded by large homes and people that drive expensive cars. I know what you are thinking. I live in gated community that caters to gringos. This is… Read More

Blackmailing with drugs in Costa Rica

There is a new scam on the streets of San Jose where crooks blackmail tourists with drugs. Its a fake drug deal followed by extortion of your money. Normally, a person will pose as a drug dealer and… Read More

Scams in Costa Rica

One thing I always stress to expats living in Costa Rica is to trust your instincts.  If something just doesn’t seem right, don’t just sit back and assume everything is okay.  You really owe it to yourself to… Read More