In case you  haven’t been watching the World Cup, the heat has really been turning up in Costa Rica. Since team Costa Rica has beaten both Uraguay and Italy, they passed to the second round, knocking England out… Read More

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Claritas Hotel – Jaco

If you are traveling on a budget, and still want a beachfront hotel, try out Claritas on Jaco beach. Claritas is one of the original hotels in Jaco, and also a great place to hang-out during the day… Read More

Top 6 Things Costa Rican Women Hate about Gringos

Latin women tend to be stereotyped more than any other women, but the fact is they expect the same for you as many other women in any other part of the world do. Be it that you are… Read More

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Okay, it’s a Saturday night and you’ve recently arrived in Jaco. I already know what you are thinking, ¨Party, party, party! Where is the THE party?!” We’re on the same page. I´m someone who likes to have fun,… Read More

Chicas know for sure what men really want. Diay… Men are so obvious.  However,  do you really know what the women want?   (Note: There is bad English in places for esthetic reasons. Sometimes we don’t edit that… Read More

Maribel Guardia – Hot Tica at 54 Years

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