Cheap Trips to Costa Rica

Since the recession began in 2007, the global economy seems to be stuck in a holding pattern which includes unemployment, higher taxes and lower disposable income.  The average person needs to just get by on less. The people who still have jobs, are probably less likely to take a risk by leaving for a new job. When the economic waters get rough, it makes sense to say with a safe ship. Thus, the problems is self perpetuating in a sense.  The average person earns less money, thus they spend less.  The businesses that normally supply products and services are also getting pinched by lower demand and rising costs of goods and services sold.  The situation is not great, but you can make the best out of it.

In fact, because people have less disposable income, this post will show you how to make cheap trips to Costa Rica. You will be very surprised how cheaply you can get by in Costa Rica. For example, look at the Costa Rican people. Do they look unhappy to you? The average salary in Costa Rica is only $600 per month, or $7,200, per year. In most countries that would be impossible to live on. But, you can do it down here. If you are visitor, you cannot visit very comfortably on $20 per day.  That might cover the cost of a bed at a hostel, but what else can you really do? The intent here is not to show you how to visit on a backpacker budget. But, to show you how to stay down here comfortably on a budget.  I’m not talking about staying in some dirty, run-down hotel, but in a nice hotel, which includes breakfast.  In fact, some boutique hotels are even all inclusive, meaning you pay one small price, and you can sleep, eat and drink as you wish.

Outside of the hotel, you need to stop thinking like a tourist. Don’t fall for the tourists traps. This includes over-priced restaurants, shops and other business which are totally set up to charge a premium to tourists. The locals don’t pay those ridiculous prices so why should you?

One top of all of this, most of Costa Rica’s main attractions are dirt cheap to begin with. You can enter almost any attraction including National Parks, Butterfly Farms, Museums without paying much more than $5 to $10.

Fly to Costa Rica Cheap

First, everyone should understand an insider tip of booking flights.  The cheapest days to travel are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.   Why?  Because these are consider off days in the airline business.  My mother who has worked in travel for over 40 years is a testimony to this.  First, you must book your flights more than two weeks out.  If you book something any sooner, you are sure to pay a premium, because once seats fill-up on planes, the airline starts selling “premium classes”.  If you would book the flights below within the two window, they all start at $748.  And, the flight for $748 has multiple stops and ever over night stops.

Here are some scenarios that I just searched using, which I think is today’s best airline booking engine.

Depart Monday and Arrive on Friday – $632


 Depart Monday and Arrive Monday – $572


 Depart Tuesday and Arrive on Wednesday – $495

($137 less, and $77 less, respectively. This will pay for two or more nights)


The bottom line is book three weeks or more out.  Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday!  This should save you a couple of hundreds, which can go towards to paying for extra days at a hotel. (Hint – this link opens in a new window, so you can search for air, and keep reading below about how to save on hotels.)

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Stay in Costa Rica Cheap

To stay comfortably, but economically, you should aim for hotels between $40 and $79 per night.  This will give you a decent hotel, with a restaurant, a pool, a nice garden view or even mountain view, and maybe even a fitness center.  No, these are not hostels.  You will have your own private room and private bathroom.  These are small boutique hotels that offer a great deal. I think if you stay here, you will be satisfied in every aspect, especially the bill at the end of your trip.

Hotels in the San Jose Area

Hotel Luisiana$56 $47

✓ Pool
✓ Internet Access
✓ Room Service
✓ Accessible path of travel
✓ Accessible bathroom
✓ Roll-in shower
✓ In-Room accessibility


Hotel Santo Tomas – $59

✓ Pool
✓ Fitness Center
✓ Room Service
✓ Spa tub
✓ Accessible bathroom
✓ Roll-in shower



Hotels Near Jaco

 Hotel Green

  • ✓ Pool
  • ✓ Internet Access



Hotels in Manuel Antonio

Hotel Sirena 



Hotel Le Priss Inn – Room start at $64 $58

✓ Pool
✓ Spa tub



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