Costa Rica Fishing Report – July 2013

As they always say in Costa Rica, the crew is the key factor to your success in finding fish. Some crews are always finding fish, and those are normally locals that have grown up as fishermen.  They know where the offshore structures are which provide the ecosystem that attract big fish.roosterfish-costa-rica

South Pacific

In the south pacific the action in July has been offshore for sailfish, marlin, tuna, dorado and wahoo.  There has been a large presence of marlin and big schools of tuna that have been migrating north towards Drake Bay. As is the normal case, you should also look to fish near structure such as drift wood or reefs. It has been rumored that visitors are reeling in marlin up to 500 pounds, as well as, dorado and rooster fish. The south pacific is probably best known for its inshore fishing, where you will consistently be pulling in big snappers and rooster fish.

Central Pacific

The central pacific area includes charters that depart from two primary areas Quepos and Los Sueños.  For the past several weeks, Yellow-Fin tuna Fishing has been great off-shore fishing. The catches are averaging 40 to 60 pounds. They key to find tuna is to look for spinner dolphin with birds as tunas tend to travel with them.

You need to fish around structure that is available in the sea too, such as drift wood. Here might find smaller Tunas up to 20 pounds,Mahi Mahi (Dorado)  Marlin fishing has also been very strong in July. Keep fishing around the structure where you find Mahi Mahi and smaller tuna and you are likely to get shot at a marlin.

The sailfish catches have been lower in the past couple of weeks, but you might get a handful of sailfish bites fishing in the Central Pacific.

The nearshore fishing around Quepos and Los Sueños has been great with consistent catches of Roosterfish and in the deeper reefs, you can find Amberjack, Jacks, Snapper, Bonitos and Wahoo.  If you get lucky, you might net a sailfish or marlin while fishing near shore.

North Pacificsailfish-july-costa-rica

Around Guanacaste, all of the action has been offshore lately.  Both sailfish and dorado are making hits. You should fish around Playa Del Coco, where the marlin and sailfish have been striking at bait. It has been reported that people are pulling in 300 pound marlin and giant dorado. Northern Costa Rica has also been very good for billfish lately. Fishermen have also been finding sailfish and dorados around the Flamingo Beach area.


The Caribbean side has always been famous for monster Tarpon. They are literally pounding both bait and jigs. The water has bee very calm lately and you should take your boat adrift in the mouth of the river. They are normally swimming right at the mouth in the rougher currents, which can take them out to sea. Crews are reporting they are getting up to 20 bites per day and landing five or six tarpon per day. On the other hand, the snook action has been very light, but in calmer waters, you may get lucky and find snook.tarpon-costa-rica

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