Costa Rica Sunset


Costa Rica Sunsets Are Incredible!

Coming from the Windy City to Costa Rica was a huge adjustment in every direction. I still do miss Chicago a and somehow I do plan to return. However, there are a couple of things that Costa Rica has over just about any medium to large sized city in the US.  Costa Rica has extremely dynamic and beautiful sunsets.

The picture above was taken at about 5:00 PM in Escazu facing the Talamanca Mountains with Cerro Pico Blanco in the center. As you can see the cloud formations draping down the mountains truly add a degree of beauty to the sunset.  Bear in mind, I was very busy this day, and the picture is taken rather early. I am certain that the colors would have really started beaming out around 5:30 PM.

You can find beautiful sunsets all around Costa Rica, especially near mountains and on the Pacific Coast. Another great place to watch the sun go down is Playa Hermosa just south of Jaco Beach. Here you will find a gathering almost everyday of locals and tourists sitting on top of their cars to admire the peaceful red, orange and yellow hues as the sun dips below the horizon.

Here is a fairly grainy picture taken from my back balcony in Escazu facing the sun as it sets over Santana. Unfortunately, this was snapped from my phone with a low resolution setting. It was really amazing… more sunset photos to come.


In addition to great sunsets, you will also be awed by the starry skies at night. San Jose is not a large city, so the sky is pretty well lit up at night just about anywhere. In the central valley you are at about 4,000 feet elevation, which puts things like shooting stars and nearby planets in really clear view. I will be snapping some night photos with my tripod shortly so you can see what I mean.

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