Curridabat Costa Rica Real Estate Guide


The great metropolitan area in Costa Rica is a great place to settle down in Costa Rica, whether it is for a few months or a few years.

Only a few miles outside of San Jose, Curridabat is one of Costa Rica’s oldest towns. The area has developed rapidly in the past few years. Many government buildings and international offices have installed themselves here, plus there are many shops and conveniences for those who decide to call Curridabat home.

The majority of residents in Curridabat are foreigners and expats, however, the proximity to San Jose and the universities make it a great place for just about anyone. Numerous embassies and foreign consulates are nearby, which makes it optimal for those foreigners who need to make appointments or work here.

Most of the expats who have settled down in Curridabat live in beautifully decorated, American-style houses. There are even a few upscale mansions. Due to the high need for accommodations, new developments are in progress, providing accessible housing for everyone. Apartments can also be found for moderate prices in Curridabat. Furnished homes are generally hard to find in Costa Rica but are a little more available in Curridabat. Many have a warm Tico flavor and will help you get situated. These affordable residential areas have many perks. Just like the rest of Costa Rica, temperatures stay in the 70s year round, so you never need heat or air conditioning. Since Curridabat is located in the Central Valley, 360-degree mountain views are a stunning sight to wake up to.



There is a variety of activities available to keep people busy in Curridabat. There are many gyms and sports complexes to keep fit. Shoppers can enjoy Plaza del Sol for modern, upscale shops. Plaza del Sol was the first US-style mall in San Jose and is very up to date on fashion and international shopping trends. For more Costa Rican traditional shopping, you can visit the nearby National Artisan Street Market or go into San Jose. The University of Costa Rica also has an array of classes and cultural activities to partake in.

Curridabat is on the main road from San Jose to Cartago. If you have a car, the signs in the area are excellent and there isn’t much of a chance to get lost. If you use public transportation, Curridabat is on the main line to San Jose center, which is only about 15 minutes away. Even at rush hour, it is only a 30-minute commute, and there is no need to switch buses. Halfway to San Jose, you can also catch the train to Heredia at the train station, which is right on the bus line. It’s a great connection spot.


The fresh air and tropical climate in Curridabat make it an excellent place to live. Its proximity to San Jose and modern services means that you won’t have to worry about whether you will feel at home in Curridabat. With the variety of housing options in this contemporary Costa Rican town, there is bound to be something that fits your needs.

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