Discos Paseo Colon


Paseo Colon is an interesting district of San Jose. It is located just west of San Jose El Centro and is about ten blocks of restaurants, businesses, night clubs, discos, fast food and shopping. It is a relatively safe area of the city where you can walk with a normal level of vigilance during the day. Here you will find people from all walks of life. If you are into Discos Paseo Colon has at least three popular discos. If you are looking for a comprehensive listing of Nightlife in San Jose Costa Rica, you have come to the right location.

There is an important distinction in the Latin Culture between discos and night clubs. Discos are essentially bars where you can have drinks with music and dancing. Night clubs are strictly strip clubs and cater to an adult audience. They also dub as brothels in Costa Rica. In any night club in Latin America, you can take the girls upstairs for a private session and also pay stipend to the manager to take the girl out of the club. Pretty much anything goes.

Back to the discos…


Asylum Club

You can expect any disco in Costa Rica to feature pretty loud music. These are not for quiet discussions over drinks. They are settings for loud partying, drinking and dancing. They normally feature house music, reggaeton but also venture into salsa, reggae, rock, 80’s and 90’s hits. Discos in Costa Rica are pretty close to what we call raves in the US, so you can also expect locals who are taking Exctasy, Molly and all the newer designer drugs. That said, the clubs all tend to be relatively safe. You will probably want to ditch the shorts, sandals and surf gear and wear jeans and clothing that is more chic.

The two new discos are located within blocks of each other – Belle and Asylum club.


If you come visit Costa Rica soon, Asylum is featuring “Pressure”.  Check out their Facebook page here. If you are looking for a place that is more exclusive, meaning there is a dress code, you can also visit Rhapsodia which is on the far end close to La Sabana.

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