El Patio Costa Rica


El Patio Costa Rica and Cadillac Rock Hotel

Right in the heart of Jaco, Costa Rica, you will find El Patio and the Cadillac Rock Hotel. These properties are both under the same management in popped-up quickly in Jaco after the Beatle Bar closed. El Patio was intended to bring back the crowd that used to frequent the world famous Beatle Bar. The open-air bar brings you right back to the rustic atmosphere of the Beatle Bar during it’s prime.

Some have said that the downfall of the Beatle Bar was caused by expensive modernization of the facilities and the installation of air condition, which also raised the costs of drinks and introduced customers to a lofty cover charge. This increase in prices completely killed the customer base. The owner of El Patio did not want to repeat past mistakes and is sticking with a low-cost model.

On any given night, you bar attracts about half dozen women from the Dominican Republic. During the day, the bar is popular with the expat gringo group.

El Patio is accompanied by the Cadillac Rock Hotel which is a low-cost boutique located just one block from the beach. It is centrally located so you have access to all of the modern conveniences in Jaco such as pharmacies, the cinema, restaurants and shopping.

They offer four different room types:

  • Type A – 2 Guests at $60
  • Type B – 4 Guests at $50 per person
  • Type C – 5 Guest suite at $50 per person
  • Type D – 6 Guest suite at $50 per person

There is also a $10 guest fee, also known as a chica fee.

If you are coming to Jaco, El Patio is certainly worth a visit. You will have a chance to meet Gringo Expats as well as some of the local women. The Cadillac Rock Hotel is also a reasonably priced stay, which is centrally located and is chica-friendly to it’s guests.


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