El Pueblo Costa Rica


El Pueblo Costa Rica Overview

El Pueblo is a commercial zone consisting of a discos, bars, restaurants and shopping just north of San Jose. It is located on Calle 3 just after Avenida 15. You can easily walk there from San Jose during the day by walking north towards Barrio Amon to the Simon Bolivar Zoo and then taking a left on Avenida 11 which will take you to Calle 3A which is a bridge over Rio Torres that leads to El Pueblo. This is a nice hike during the day, but at night you should always take a taxi for safety purposes. Speaking of which – there is normally a red taxi stand in front of El Pueblo, so you should have no worries finding one to take you back to your hotel.

El Pueblo (“The Town”) is a cluster of bars, restaurants, discos and shops that cater towards both locals and tourists. The buildings are designed with whitewashed adobe-style walls, with Spanish tile flooring and wooden stair wells which provide a very Colonial feel. You can stop in for lunch during most of the day, but the place really starts rocking after 5 PM.

Bars and Discos

If you are looking for mainstream nightlife in San Jose, El Pueblo has multiple options in one convenient location.

Inside you will find almost 50 bars and clubs including:

  • La Terraza – a restuarant with a great view of the courtyard.
  • Tango – live music Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Infinito Disco – a disco that rocks until dawn.
  • Club Twister – contemporary latin and international music.
  • Coco Loco – a disco that has a slightly older crowd.

As is normal in Costa Rica, there is a rotation among the bars, so if you cannot find these, they have probably already been renamed and/or rebranded.

If you are a single man or woman, you should have absolutely no problems “hooking-up” in El Pueblo. The place is loaded with local men and women and in keeping with the Latin Culture, you might discover that they are looking for you. Bear in mind that El Pueblo attracts a younger crowd. You will feel awkward if you show up wearing Hawaiian style shirts, shorts and flip-flops.  Try to dress more European and you will fit in well.  Avoid bright white tennis shows and knee-high white socks. If you want to play it safe, just wear a pair of jeans and neutral colored shirt.

Be prepared to party to loud music. The friendly bar tenders are known to keep the drinks flowing until dawn.


During the day, you can shop for anything from souvenirs including local artwork, crafts and leather goods.

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