Hotel Costa Rica Morazan


In case you  haven’t been watching the World Cup, the heat has really been turning up in Costa Rica. Since team Costa Rica has beaten both Uraguay and Italy, they passed to the second round, knocking England out of the tournament. San Jose is partying right now.  And the Morazan is right in the center of all the action, including world famous Hotel Del Rey and Key Largo bar.


With rooms as low as $59 per night, you are going to have extra cash to spend on Costa Rican women and the casinos.

San Jose is the place most people fly into when coming to Costa Rica. That’s not to say it’s a place to just spend the first night because you have to. Really, there’s no need to rush to the beach or the volcanoes. There’s so much to do and see right there in the capital. Why not stay near my favorite park (Morazan) at the Morazan Hotel & Casino?


This hotel is one of the San Jose hotels that is actually located in San Jose, rather than near it. It’s in the very heart of downtown. You will see the Saturday morning arts festival from your window, most likely. This is full of entertainment and activities. The hotel is also in walking distance of all the museums, the National Theater and some great coffee shops. The best bars and nightclubs are just blocks away.

The Morazan Hotel features a nice continental breakfast and an onsite restaurant that’s open all day. The breakfast is complete. You can definitely fill up for a long, adventurous day. After the day of exploration, each guest is treated to premium satellite tv, which they can watch from a bed made of memory foam, in a soundproof room. A good nights sleep awaits. The rooms are air conditioned and have extra blankets for cuddling up with that special someone on a cool night.

There is wifi throughout the hotel, guestrooms and casino, so you never have to disconnect. Message all your friends the instant that you win big! You can also stay up to date with what’s going on in the world with a free newspaper, available at the 24 hour concierge service. In case you come to San Jose for business, there are meeting rooms for groups of 60 and groups of over 600!


The hotel doesn’t skimp on conveniences. They have hot water and even bathtubs, which are not easy to find here. Each room has its own safe box. Each is decorated with royal, welcoming colors. They pride themselves in offering handicap accessible rooms, so everyone can enjoy their great hotel. All rooms are spacious and inviting.

This hotel is known for going above and beyond. They offer currency exchange onsite, so their valued guests don’t have to wait on long bank lines. The staff is multilingual and always excited to give insider tips on the area and the best places to tour.

The Morazan Hotel & Casino offers a free casino shuttle, too. The casino is well known in the area and definitely worth a visit, even if you are staying at another hotel. Why not spend a few hours trying your hand at your favorite game or learning a new one? Or try your luck at meeting some new friends to go out on the town with. It’s a social casino, not too serious, and a ton of fun! You won’t regret the time you spend at Morazan or in San Jose, a very interesting, unique city. The beaches are great too though, so don’t bet all your money in the casino!

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