Hotel Deals San Jose Costa Rica April 2015


Hotel Deals San Jose Costa Rica April 2015

Traveling to San Jose in April is always a good idea. April is a great month for the following reasons:

Semana Santa – the Holy Week in Costa Rica is a great time to visit. Why?  Because everything kind of slows down. Most Ticos use this week to take a vacation at the beach. This means – you will find less traffic in San Jose. Sure, stores close down on Thursday and Friday, but most businesses stay open throughout the remaining days. The only business that is closed for sure all week is the government. So, don’t plan on getting anything government related done.

The transition to the rainy season has started, but it is not complete. Thus, you might encounter some afternoon showers. However, it is sunny from the morning, until mid afternoon.

Most hotels lower their prices due to the change the seasons. You can find great deals over 30% on many hotels.

La Sabana

If you want to stay near La Sabana, I highly recommend Tryp San Jose Sabana which is offering a 37% discount at $94 per night. There are two other great hotel options in the Sabana area namely the Rincón del Valle Hotel & Suites 33% off at $87 per night and Parque del Lago Boutique Hotel 40% off at $83 per night. There is a little known secret about La Sabana – you can stay at the Costa Rica Tennis Club & Hotel and have access to first class exercise, swimming and tennis. If you want to visit the LaSalle science musuem, you can stay at Casa Isabella Costa Rica which offers a 15% discount at $69.


Hotel Tryp La Sabana



Downtown San Jose

If you want to stay downtown, try out the following hotels which have nice discounts:

If you are interested in staying in San Pedro, the Hotel Le Bergerac is an absolute deal at $46 per night.


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