Hotel Delfin – Playa Bejuco

If you want a reasonably priced hotel, which is off the beaten tourist path, visit Hotel Delfin in Playa Bejuco. Playa Bejuco is a great beach that is relatively unknown to must tourist. However, it is very popular with locals.  One of the reasons why – it is very accessible from San Jose.  Given a moderate amount of traffic, you can normally drive to Bejuco in under one hour.  The locals normally park their cars in between palm tress which border the beach.  This is a great idea because the trees provide shade from the normally blistering sun.

Bejuco is located between Playa Esterillos and a sleepy town called Parrita, which is just north of Quepos.

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Playa Bejuco

Playa Bejuco is know for several things:

  1. It has natural volcanic side which is slightly dark.  Although, the sand is pleasant, it can get very hot, as the darker color absorbs the sun.  Bring a set of sturdy flip flops or water shoes to trek across the hot sand.  As you get closer to the water, it cools off.
  2. There are signs for dangerous currents or rip tides (Corrientes Peligrosas) and the surf is normally quite strong. This beach is great for surfing, but it is not recommended for people who are weak swimmers. You certainly cannot just take a nice relaxing swim out, as you will get pounded by competition class waves.  The Ticos all say their are strong rip tides.  However, I only suspected a rip tide once.  I swam into it and it was very weak; as I swam right out.  That said, I am a strong swimmer.  So, be aware of changes in patterns in the surf or obvious signs of water flowing out to the sea.
  3. It is a very laid back beach town.  There are not a lot tourists.  Its a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of modern civilization.

And, you may even see a whale or two. On our visits to this beach, we almost always see Pelicans.  We have see a few whales and a dead sea turtle, which sadly washed ashore.  There are also plenty of sea shells to be collected if that is your fancy.

The hotel is not quite beach-front. You need to cross a small dirt road to get to the beach.  However, it is very close.  On the downside, the hotel does not have beach umbrellas or chairs.  So, if you want more than a towel on the sand, you need to bring your own.  During the high-season, you can find rooms from $135 to $155.  Here are all of their rates.  There are 16 rooms on two floors and they all have balconies with ocean views.

The Rooms

The rooms are equipped with the following amenities:

  • Private bathrooms
  • Small flat screen TVs
  • Air conditioning
  • Safes in the closet for valuables

The receptionist provides you with a control for the TV and air.  Don’t lose these as there is surcharge.

The Pool

The pool is probably a strong suit of the hotel. It is clean and very beautiful.  There is a very relaxing jacuzzi type pool with air jets; however, it is unheated.  There are chairs at the pool under a canopy.  There is also a brick styled grill if you want to cook carne asada.

The Bar and Restaurant

The Bar is not swim-up, but it is poolside, with chairs on both the pool and the restaurant side.  They have a reasonable selection of liquor, beers and other drinks. However, do not have a wide selection of top shelf liquor.  Drinks are between $5 and $7.  There is a Flat Panel TV at the bar, which normally plays US and Costa Rican sporting events.

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere.  There is an old winding stair case, which provides an old Spanish feel.  The food is typical Costa Rican.  Lunch dishes are around $7 and dinner plates run around $20-$30. Normally, the rooms come with typical local breakfast which includes two over-easy eggs, gallo pinto and tortillas. Coffee is also normally free charge all day.


Now, here is an area were we think the hotel can use some upgrades.  They seem to operate on a skeleton crew of employees.  There is normally one maid, one manager who doubles as a waiter or bartender, and one grounds keeper.  So, they certainly cannot handle any sort of volume.  If they were operating at capacity, they would have to call in the reserves.  However, I suspect things would just really slow down. The maid normally only cleans on checkout.  And, if something goes wrong with the room, you might be on your own.  We arrived once and our toilet was stopped-up.  I told the manager and he explained they don’t have anyone who can fix it.  He then hinted that there was a plunger in a public bathroom.  So, in disbelief put on my plumber hat and unstopped a toilet that was clogged by the previous guest.

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