Hotel Mona Lisa Costa Rica Is Under New Management

Hotel Mona Lisa Costa Rica is now under new management

According to Hotel News Resource The Hotel Mona Lisa has been purchased by Andalusian Resorts and Spas, Inc. The letter of intent was executed for the acquisition of both the hotel and casino in the Barrio Amon sector of San Jose.

Hotel Mona Lisa was a favorite amongst many visitors to Costa Rica. It features 93 renovated guest rooms, a great restaurant, and a casino that is over 8,000 square feet.

Andalusian plans to transform it’s clientele from mostly single males, who travel to Costa Rica to visit women, to a hotel that caters to the LGBT population.

The President and CEO, Bernie Fried, stated that

“After completion of this transaction and integration of our business plan, we hope to realize revenues of US$4,800,000 in the first full year. The acquisition of the Mona Lisa Hotel and Casino is the first of our several planned hotel & resort acquisitions, as we continue to implement our strategy of becoming the destination of choice for the LGBT community. The parties are close to finalizing the terms of the acquisition and we estimate that the final terms of the acquisition will be announced to the shareholders within the next few weeks. The completion of the acquisition is dependent on, among other things, the completion of due diligence satisfactory to the Company. The parties have agreed that the Seller will not engage in any negotiations or discussions with other potential acquirers and have also agreed to maintain the confidentiality of all of the acquisitions in order to protect the acquisition’s competitive interests and the interests of its many customers and employees during the period of the acquisition.”


This announcement will certainly cause ripples in the travel plans of the current visitors of the hotel who are mostly single who come to Costa Rica to visit women. The company says that they will keep the doors open to the straight community. However, this will certainly change the perspective of the hotel’s former guests.

BREAKING NEWS –  VERY RECENTLY THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY DECIDED AGAINST THE LGBT FOCUS. Thus, existing fans of the hotel can continue to stay without worry.  No need to change your travel plans.


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