Jaco Beach


Jaco Beach Costa Rica!

Jaco beach has experienced a ton of growth over the course of 15 years. It used to be a sleepy surf town with a couple of casinos, hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Since the year 2000, the town has virtually exploded in growth. Even though the buildings are popping up left and right, thankfully, some of the old surf town characteristics do exist. You can still find unpaved roads with roosters running around. However, the majority of those dirt roads are now paved. The sodas and mom and pop shops have been replaced by fast food restaurants and US chains. There is now a grocery store and a movie theater. There is a library and a playhouse.

Walking around town, you will notice that some things have never changed. You will still see some of the legendary haunts such as the Beatle Bar and Monkey Bar.


You will also find old stand-bys including the Plaza Il Galeone which has always been host to the perennial Tsunami Sushi and a rotational home for various discos and high-scale clubs. This is usually a late night hangout after you have passed through the gauntlet. Nightlife in Jaco Costa Rica is definitely like strolling on the dark side.


Last but not least, you will notice local girls walking the streets during the later afternoon, shopping for cloths, jewelry and what have you. They are spending the spoils of the previous night’s work picking up gringos in the local bars and clubs. You can easily separate them out from the rest of the tourists. They have a way of carrying themselves as they walk. They definitely know how to flaunt their money maker.


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