Mall San Pedro Guide


As much as San Pedro holds quite a variety of entertainment, it is Mall San Pedro that provides the most fun in one place.


You get 4 floors of concentrated fun for every kind of person.Many locals in their 30s remember a time before malls in Costa Rica! Mall San Pedro was the first big mall to be built in Costa Rica. It has all kinds of stores, for all types of people. For example, if it’s clothes and shoes you are after, you will have more than your share of choices, be it sports clothing or if you are looking for a more formal kind of attire. This is the best place to go find the necessary things to explore Costa Rica, be it accessories for the beach and surfing or hiking boots to go to all the places where nature runs wilder and greener than you can imagine. Keep in mind that Costa Rica has it all, and everything’s close by, so you might have to buy a swimsuit and sandals, as well as the hiking boots, , since you can go from the mountain to the beach in a short distance, just a couple feet!

Walk all the way from the main entrance to the back and you will find sex shops with all the works. Around this area there are also some tattoo studios, just in case you want to have the famous Costa Rican slogan “Pura Vida!” inked on your flesh, as a souvenir of your visit to the country.


Do you like comic books? Animé? Any kind of hobby that involves collecting fantasy related items? You can find stores that specialize in such items and where you will meet some of the people that are also involved in the comic book local scene. Feeling hungry? Mall San Pedro has a food court that takes up part of two floors. In this area, you will have your choice of Costa Rican traditional food, sushi, Italian, Mexican, vegetarian and many other choices. Yes, there are McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut and even Carl’s Jr., as well, in case you have a need for basic American commercial food, but we will urge you to try any of the other options, because why bother traveling abroad if you will just keep eating the same things you do back home? Right?

Mall San Pedro also has about 10 movie theaters that show the latest movies, some of those are equipped to show 3D ones. Don´t worry about missing the most awaited movies of the year, they will be screening there, and most of them will be in English (with Spanish subtitles).

There are also banks and a drugstore, for your convenience. The Mall is located nearby bus stops that go to or come from San Jose. There are taxi drivers right outside. But do keep in mind that as a commercial area, there might be some street crime around, so mind your surroundings and stay as safe as possible. Avoid the taxis in the front of the building and go for the ones on the side. They are legitimate and safe, while those in front will rip you off.

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