Mexico vs Costa Rica

This Tuesday, October 15 2013, Mexico plays Costa Rica to qualify for the CONCACAF World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Coming off a win against Panama, Mexico is looking much stronger and will certain focus on a consistent push for a qualifying spot in 2014. The game is scheduled for kickoff at 7:30 PM MT or Costa Rica Time and can be watched locally on channel 7.mexico-vs-costa-rica-2013

Not many foreigners understand the significance of the rivalry between the two countries. Even more so than the United States, the air in the country fills with a deep sense of revenge after decades of rivalry in World Cup Soccer. What one must also realize, the rivalry is not just based in sports, but augmented by the media. In the Aztec Press and the Nacion, the journalists constantly add fuel to the fire between Costa and Mexico.

The Mexican futbol team will arrive here on October 15, with a more comfortable position in the qualifying brackets, after a tough win against Panama.  Up until recently, the Mexican team has had a consistently disappointing season with losses against Honduras, Costa Rica and the United States. Up until October, the Aztec hope of qualifying for the 2014 Worldcup in Brazil was at its all-time low.  However, those hopes have been revived after stopping Panama at 2-1 which was it’s first win and most important game of 2013.

In the days leading up to the match, you can expect the media to turn up the heat with announcements such as referee changes which might favor one side over the other. In the end, we will eleven men from Costa Rica fight for victory over eleven visiting men from Mexico.

Even though the rivalry felt strong when the US team arrived in Costa Rica, the rivalry against Mexico is deeper.

Watch the Game Live in the National Stadium

Tryp San Jose Sabana – Easy Access to National Stadium

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