Multiplaza Escazu Costa Rica


The Multiplaza Escazu Costa Rica is probably one of the most popular malls in Costa Rica. It really is just like an ordinary shopping mall that you might find in the US. The main difference is the large department stores such as Siman and Cemaco are Costa Rican companies. The mall just expanded into a new wing.  They also increased the amount of parking. However, parking is fairly tight, especially on holidays and during pay days.

You can find everything from Nike, Puma and Speedo. There are also electronics stores like Sony, Samsung, LG, Apple, HP and Radio Shack. If you are heading to the beach, there are also a variety of stores that cater towards surfing and beach such as Arenas and Columbia Sportswear.

In addition to shopping, there is also a very large food court and pretty nice cinema.  The food court has the American fast food chains, plus some local chains. If you plan to see a movie, just make sure that it has English subtitles. I had to sit through Spiderman in Spanish, when my level of Spanish was really low. As you can imagine, I didn’t understand much.

There is also an Automercardo, which is a local grocery chain, that targets wealthier people. Automercado kind of reminds me of a fresh market back in the states. They have all the expensive imported cheeses, wines, meats and many US brand names. You can expect to pay pretty much the same at Automercado, that you would pay at any grocery store. Speaking of prices, if you are shopping for clothing or electronics, you can expect to pay at least double, than you would in the US.

The mall is great for people watching, and there are definitely some very beautiful women to be seen. Check it out the next time you are in Costa Rica.

As you can see by the signs, the mall is also close to Hospital Cima, Plaza Tiempo, Hotel Real Continental and Plaza Roble. If you want to live in Escazu Costa Rica, you can expect to pay higher prices for products, services and real estate.  However, you will have all the modern conveniences that you might find back in the US.

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