Night Club Castro


Costa Rica may be known for its nature and ecotourism, but at after dark, the nightlife is also worth noting.


If you want a truly authentic entertainment experience, you should visit Castro’s Bar and Discotheque sometimes considered “the place to be” downtown for dancing and drinks. Located in the Barrio Mexico neighborhood of San Jose, this bar is very accessible from downtown San Jose and all the best hotels in the Central Valley. Food is also available from the onsite kitchen so guests can fuel up on local dishes or bar favorites before heading back to the dance floor.

Once established as a simple bar, it was a place where the grandparents of today’s attendees went for a drink to chat about politics, soccer and other current events. Now, it is a landmark in San Jose and a place that all visitors to the capital city must visit. Castro’s Bar and Discotheque was recently remodeled to include both a bar and ample dancing space in the discoteque as well as cozy social areas.

If you are most interested in dancing, you can stay on the bottom floor of Castro’s Bar and Discotheque. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of latin dance music such as Salsa, Calypso, Merengue, Reggaeton and sometimes electronic trance music is featured. Karaoke nights are also popular. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Latin music. There are lots of local girls who can teach you. Or just sit on the sidelines and enjoy a cold beer while you watch everyone else dance. Apart from the large dance floor, there are also several smaller areas for conversation and mingling. These quieter, intimate places are great for getting to know the local girls or talking to other expats about local attractions and culture.

Travelers who are more interested in socializing and having a good time rather than dancing may have more fun upstairs in the bar and restaurant area. Castro’s Bar serves traditional Costa Rican meals as well as tapas snacks. Since the bar is open early, the kitchen serves lunch and dinner so if you don’t think you will be able to come for the party, stop by for an exquisite lunch after 11am.

Friday and Saturday nights tend to be the busiest at Castro’s Bar and Discotheque as locals and tourists alike come to burn off accumulated stress from the week. Drinks are served on both floors and Castro’s often has specials throughout the week. Some previous specials include $3 drinks, a free beer with your entrance fee, $2 shots and much more. Ask at the door where the specials can be applied because sometimes they only apply on one floor.

Whether you are looking for a place to party or just a great meeting spot, Castro’s Bar and Discotheque is one of the hottest places in town. It is open late, usually until 3am and sometimes even 4:30am, this multi purpose bar, restaurant and dance place is the place to go for nightlife. It is easy to get to and close to the restaurants and attractions downtown in San Jose.

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