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Many of Costa Rica’s beaches are great for surfing, but not so much for swimming. This is the case with many of the popular beaches on this Central American country’s Pacific Coasts. If you are not a great swimmer, but still want to relax without getting swept away by a wave, Playa Coyote might be the right choice for you.


This beach is located between Playa Samara and Playa Manzanillo but reaching the beach can be an adventure. The beach is accessible from the village of San Francisco de Coyote; from there it is about 2 miles to the beach.

Playa Coyote is situated in between the Rio Jabillo and a mangrove estuary. Its remote location has facilitated the preservation of the beach. Its waters are tranquil and shallow, which make it an ideal place to swim or just sit in the water and feel your worries float away. This simple beach offers tourists amazing sunsets and picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean. Coconut trees surround the horseshoe-shaped beach and if you pay attention you might be able to see some of the beautiful birds and monkeys that frequent the beach. Iguanas also call Playa Coyote home as do anteaters, wild boar, snakes and pelicans.

To keep busy a variety of activities are offered on the beach. Saddle up and take a horseback ride, rent a mountain bike to explore the Costa Rican jungle or go on a hike in the forest. If you are lucky you might even be able to see some of the flamingos that live in the estuary. The tide is pretty low and gentle most of the time allowing tourists to visit the nearby Punta Coyote. The waves and swells here are great for surfing, especially for beginners. If you are taking your board with you, be sure to make the trip. Playa Caletas lies just to the south of Punta Coyote and is famous for two of the animals that arrive here. The first are the many birds that arrive each day. During the rainy season you can see over 50 species of birds in a single day. Turtles including the Olive Ridley, Leatherback and Pacific Green nest in the area and are protected by local officials.

Hotels and Lodging in Playa Coyote

A simple campground is where most tourists stay, when they want to spend a few days at this beach. It has basic amenities but makes a good base camp for exploring the surrounding areas. More hotels and cabinas can be found in the main town of San Francisco de Coyote. A grocery store, gas station, Internet access and a few small, traditional restaurants can also be found in town. If you want more traditional accommodations but don’t want to head all the way back to town, Casa Caletas, an exclusive and peaceful resort is only a few miles to the south of Playa Coyote.


Playa Coyote may be remote but once you get here there is a lot to do. Many people come to relax on the beach or swim in the tranquil sea. Others take advantage of the numerous activities available. Either way, Playa Coyote provides a peaceful getaway for those who need it most. 


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