Surf and Golf in Playa Negra


Costa Rica is well known as being a world-class surfing destination. If you plan to surf in Guanacaste, Playa Negra is one of your best destinations.


Playa Negra is located in the northwestern region of Guanacaste and has some of the best waves available. Only some 30 minutes south of Tamarindo, and 2 hours from Liberia, it is easy to reach Playa Negra. There are also many accommodation options here for all budgets. Whether vacationing or living in Costa Rica, there are lots of activities in Playa Negra for all interests. This beach is also a perfect location for exploring all the natural beauty of Guanacaste. The Playa Negra area includes more than 7 beaches within walking and driving distance. All of them have distinctive qualities: white sand, shell beaches, surrounded by palms and even lava reef tidal pools. You will want to explore them all!

The world-renowned surfer’s paradise has excellent surf year round. The waves are known having the most consistent waves and right curves. The waves are best during high tide and low tide can be a dangerous time to try surfing because the beach’s rocks become exposed. The fast and hollow breaks draw surfers from all over and anyone from beginners to advanced surfers catch a good wave here. If you have no experience surfing, there are a few small surf shops and schools in Playa Negra that offer lessons. More expert surfers can improve their technique with lessons or simply share the waves with locals and learn this way. Stand up paddle boarding is another sport that is gaining momentum at Playa Negra. If you are interested in surfing, you should also try this activity based on balance and concentration.

Playa Negra Hotels

In Playa Negra you have many hotel options, including luxury 4-start hotels, and also budget accommodations. Here is a snapshot of the best hotels in the area:


Activities and Tour in Playa Negra

The area is well known for its surfing opportunities, but it also has many activities if you prefer not to be in the water. Playa Negra is often described as a perfect beach. Its dark sand and rocky surroundings make it a great place to sunbathe or swim in the warm Pacific Ocean. Playa Negra also offers yoga classes, mountain bike tours, massages, snorkel excursions, horseback riding tours and much more. These activities give you a chance to enjoy the beach, reconnect with nature and leave your worries behind. Other Guanacaste day tours that are close to Playa Negra include Diria National Park, Hacienda Pinilla Golf, Bahia de los Piratas for snorkeling, Canopy Adventure Zip Line and Barra Honda National Park.

It doesn’t really matter what is on your itinerary, at Playa Negra, there are many facilities and services in the area to make you feel at home. There are many budget surfer cabins, which are great if you just want a place to stay. Other boutique hotels offer more extras including gourmet dining. Several hotels offer beach front rooms as well. There are several small business that sell clothing and health food. There are pharmacies, as well. Tourists can find a variety of restaurants for all meals and even late night snacks in Playa Negra so you won’t have to worry about going hungry.

Overall, Playa Negra is a great place for vacation no matter your reason for traveling. Although the region has been developing quickly, the pristine beaches have been conserved in their natural state and are excellent for lounging and enjoying that afternoon sunset.

Playa Negra Costa Rica Map

Please note there are two Playa Negras in Costa Rica.  This beach is located in Guanacaste and should not be confused with the beach located near Limon on the Caribbean coast.

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