Rainy Season in San Jose Costa Rica


I think mother nature has just flipped the switch and it is now rainy season in San Jose Costa Rica. Some people think that it is a bad time to travel to CR. However, I think it is a great time to visit. I snapped this picture of an epic afternoon rainstorm brewing in La Sabana. It rained so hard that it took the electricity out in Escazu and flooded several homes.

Why is it a great time to visit San Jose?

Because prices on hotels drop big time.

Yeah but doesn’t it rain everyday?

Not really!!! In fact it is normally sunny until about mid-day when the temperature and humidity reach a bursting point. You can plan on afternoon showers most days. However, they are usually quite refreshing.

Another advantage is there are less tourists. If you are a single male traveling to Costa Rica and looking for ladies, well guess what?  Those prices tend to drop along with the hotels.

Rainy Season Deals in San Jose

If you are planning to fly to San Jose, here are the best deals to be found.

There you have four great options under $100 in San Jose. If you want to see the full list of rainy season deals in San Jose click HERE.

Things to Do in San Jose

During the rainy season, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied in San Jose. If you want to hit the discos in San Jose, there are plenty of options and – yes – you can normally find women who are ready, willing and able to get intimate. If you want more of a cultural tour, there are also several museums in San Jose. And, if you are just looking to kill time, you can easily hit the gym, go shopping or see movie.

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