Rohrmoser Costa Rica


The Central Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. Anywhere you stand you are surrounded by blue green mountains, which offset the urban feel. Many people want to be close to San Jose but not in the center of town.


Rohrmoser is a popular place to visit as well as a well-liked town by expats, many of whom have left the 9 to 5 life in the US to move to sunny Costa Rica. Rohrmoser’s excellent Central Valley weather year round captures the hearts of travelers who even in the rainy season are able to get errands done in the morning before the rain enters the horizon in the afternoon. Its proximity to San Jose and all the major services also makes it s prime location.

Only a few minutes west of La Sabana, this upscale neighborhood allows travelers to enjoy some of San Jose’s best attractions only a few miles away. La Sabana Metropolitan Park is Costa Rica’s largest urban park. It is considered the lungs of San Jose due to its large area of more than 170 acres of green space. The park is home to two museums, a lagoon that can be explored in small boats and a variety of sports facilities. On Saturdays and Sundays, visitors can experience the Sabana coming to life when the park becomes packed early in the morning for basketball and soccer games, roller skating, exercise classes and families who want to enjoy their free days in the presence of their children. La Sabana is a nice place to meet people or participate in your favorite sports while on vacation. The National Stadium is also located on the north-west corner of the park. On Saturdays there is an open-air market in Pavas just west of Rohrmoser and even if you don’t buy anything it is a great chance to learn about the local culture.

Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping

Rohrmoser was San Jose’s first suburb for the upper middle class. Today, this tree-lined neighborhood is home to the highest concentration of foreign embassies in Costa Rica, including the US Embassy. Its residents are mostly professionals and expats who enjoy the safety and tranquility that this neighborhood offers. Tourists can enjoy staying here on vacation as well. There are several boutique hotels and B&Bs throughout the neighborhood. Casa Roland can be found at the end of the Boulevard and offers 18 rooms plus two luxury suites as well as all the amenities you need to feel at home. The Dobson Manor B&B is another small cozy hotel where you can spend the night.


Stores, shops, restaurants and bars can be found in Rohrmoser in abundance. There is an English-language bookstore, upper-end eateries, supermarkets, beauty parlors, shopping centers and much more. Overall Rohrmoser may not have many attractions in and of itself but it is a very quiet neighborhood where you can be close to the city but away from the noise and the hustle and bustle. Whether you are looking to stay only a few nights upon arrival or departure or want a homebase to explore the Central Valley, Rohrmoser is a great choice.

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