Scuba Diving Costa Rica

scuba diving costa rica

Scuba Diving Costa Rica’s Ship Wrecks

Around 2 million people visit Costa Rica each year to discover 4% of the Earth’s biodiversity and natural tropical beauty. Sure, you can see monkeys, sloths, tapirs, frogs, butterflies and macaw parrots by hiking through dozens of  national parks.

Did you know you an also scuba dive famous historical ship wrecks under the sea?

Ship wrecks become perfect natural habitats for undersea life as the structure supports coral growth, which then attracts fish, sea turtles and sharks.

There are several shipwrecks in Costa Rica which are perfect for diving. They are largely intact and not more than 120 feet deep which means you can dive them without special restrictions.

The best wrecks for diving are located in Limon, Isla Tortuga and Playas del Coco.


In Limon, there is a 600 acre reef that is a national park and there are two shipwrecks. Probably the most most spectacular is a Spanish Galleon from the 1700’s which is only 6 meters below the surface. The Antique canons are still intact and this portion of Costa Rica’s Cahuita National Park is very cool.

Also in Limon is the Fenix at Isla Uvita. This is a cargo ship that sank just off the island.


Isla Tortuga

Next, you have Isla Tortuga which is the only place in Central America that is home to three large ship wrecks. The first is the Caroline Star which is about 100 feet deep.

Next is the Coronel Alfonso Monge which is an 82 foot long ship that weighs 65 tons and was previously a member of Costa Rica’s coast guard. This is 16 meters below the surface.

Here you will find another large wreck called the Franklin Chang Diaz which is another former coast guard ship in the southern Nicoya Peninsula.

The largest wreck is located at Cabo Blanco and is a Grand Ranger that sunk several decades ago. This is a protected area and is not legally dive-able.

Isla Cocos

In the small protected Island located off the pacific there is a shipwreck known as the Meros and Tortuga. This is a sailboat located at about 60 feet below the surface and it is a legal dive spot. There is also a shallow shipwreck which is 40 feet long.



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