Jaco Nightlife – Clubs and Discos

Sex, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll… Jaco, Costa Rica has it all.  Discover the best clubs and discos in Jaco. Here are the best Jaco Bars. Jaco is definitely where the action is in Costa Rica. Dancing, girls, drinking, girls,… Read More


Space Bar – Jaco

Space Bar is a really cool club located in Jaco, Costa Rica. For everyone who likes to travel or currently lives near the beautiful beaches in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific, there is a new option for nighttime entertainment… Read More


6 Ways to Make Her Angry, And Proven Recovery Techniques

Costa Rican women; and Latin women generally, have a very low threshold when it comes to getting mad. Any North American man who has had any sort of a relationship with a Latin woman would agree.   There… Read More


Hotel Cocal Casino and Tiki Bar – Jaco

Cocal Casino has replaced the Beatle Bar as the place to find women in Jaco. These guys decided to find seats early. When the sun sets, the women flood the place.   It was almost 10 years ago… Read More


Tips for Traveling Alone in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an easy country to visit all by yourself. Here are some tips for traveling solo. When traveling to Costa Rica alone, before we even begin providing tips, lets start with Tip #0. Thats right! You… Read More


Jaco Nightlife Part 1 – the Best Restaurants in Jaco

You have many restaurants to choose from in Jaco. Here I’ll give you a list of the top 6 options to visit, in my own opinion, though there may be other opinions out there since Jaco has so… Read More

Top 6 Things Costa Rican Women Hate about Gringos

Latin women tend to be stereotyped more than any other women, but the fact is they expect the same for you as many other women in any other part of the world do. Be it that you are… Read More


Monkey Bar – Jaco

The Monkey Bar is definitely a go-to place on the main street in Jaco, Costa Rica, especially if you plan on dancing the night away. It even has a philosophy that clearly says, “Get drunk and have fun!”… Read More


Miss Reef Costa Rica 2014

The time is now! Pepsi’s Reef Classic Costa Rica surf competition returns to Costa Rica, taking place at Playa Hermosa in Jaco. This exciting beach event is coming up fast. It will be at the Morgan ‘s Cove… Read More


Tips for Finding a Latina Online

Costa Rican women are very different than American women. They don’t compete in the market place for your job.  They don’t even think about the feminist movement and equal rights.  They are warm and affectionate. And, they also… Read More