Costa Rica Poker

In Costa Rica, you can also find plenty of poker rooms where you can play anything from Texas Hold ’em to Caribbean Stud and even Pai Gow. Costa Rica is an adventure destination and those who like to… Read More


San Pedro Housing Guide

San Pedro is Costa Rica’s largest university towns and also a very good place for american expats to live due location and modern conveniences. View Larger Map It is also where La Universidad de Costa Rica is located… Read More


6 Ways to Make Her Angry, And Proven Recovery Techniques

Costa Rican women; and Latin women generally, have a very low threshold when it comes to getting mad. Any North American man who has had any sort of a relationship with a Latin woman would agree.   There… Read More


Tips for Traveling Alone in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an easy country to visit all by yourself. Here are some tips for traveling solo. When traveling to Costa Rica alone, before we even begin providing tips, lets start with Tip #0. Thats right! You… Read More

Costa Rica International Airport

Tips for the San Jose Airport

In the airports in Costa Rica, most of the staff speak some level of English. Without exception, the people that work for the airlines speak very good English. It is a requirement of their job. So, don’t worry… Read More

Jaco Costa Rica Travel Hacks

Learn about some travel secrets, which will save you money, if you travel to Jaco, Costa Rica. Jaco is a spectacular place to visit. It’s got the best waves, girls, nightlife, and entertainment. It’s Costa Rica’s version of… Read More


TCR Podcast – Episode 004 – San Jose Costa Rica’s Best Kept Secret

Discover San Jose’s best kept secret just 10 minutes east of the city. El Cuartel is sizzling hot. Ladies night is Monday night and there is normally NO shortage.   Press the PLAY button below to listen to… Read More


Top 5 Reasons to Book Your Hotel on

Breaking news – there is a new feature on this site which allows anyone to book a hotel in Costa Rica, from the comfort of your home.  Yes, this site is secure, and booking your hotel is very… Read More


RIU Guanacaste All-Inclusive Review

RIU Guanacaste All Inclusive

Costa Rica Gun Laws

Costa Rica is a conservative country, which has inherited it´s culture, language, social norms and legal system from it´s mother country, Spain. The country is very Catholic, and laws and social norms tend to side with guidelines established… Read More