Gran Hotel Costa Rica

Gran Hotel Costa Rica Overview This is one of the most historic hotels in Costa Rica and located in the heart of San Jose. This hotel is close to all the attractions in San Jose including the Pre-Colombia… Read More


Hotel Costa Rica Morazan

In case you  haven’t been watching the World Cup, the heat has really been turning up in Costa Rica. Since team Costa Rica has beaten both Uraguay and Italy, they passed to the second round, knocking England out… Read More

Costa Rica Gambling Guide

Most people visit Costa Rica to enjoy the attractions or for other types of fun in the country. Although Costa Rica’s casino gambling is legal in Costa Rica, it is not very popular. Many hotels have casinos but… Read More


Del Rey Costa Rica – Part 2 – Safety and Security

As a general rule, the Hotel Del Rey is safe for tourists. That said, problems can always happen, especially when you are traveling to a country where you are perceived to be a target for thievery and scams…. Read More

Black Sabbath and Megadeth in Costa Rica 2013

It is confirmed that both Black Sabbath and Megadeth will be playing in Costa Rica on October 22, 2013. This is confirmed on the official web site This will bring classic British hard rock and vintage American… Read More

Costa Rica Nightlife

Costa Rica Nightlife

Costa Rica Nightlife Overview Costa Rica is well known for having a thriving nightlife in cities and towns throughout the country.  Almost all younger adults, locals and tourists, enjoy a night out on  the town after spending the… Read More


Costa Rican Women

Costa Rican women have progressed on the socio-economic ladder and are on the cusp of shifting from traditional roles, like the housewife, to a modern role, such as a career women.  Even though they have progressed, they still… Read More