Santa Rosa National Park

Guanacaste is one of the provinces that tourists visit the most when traveling in Costa Rica. Known mostly for its pristine beaches, it is also rich in history and culture. Santa Rosa National Park is the province’s largest… Read More


Las Baulas National Marine Park

Tamarindo is a great place to stay in Guanacaste but why not escape the beach for a day and visit one of Costa Rica’s national parks near by? Las Baulas National Marine Park encompasses almost 1100 acres of… Read More


Just South of Samara – Discover Playa Coyote

Many of Costa Rica’s beaches are great for surfing, but not so much for swimming. This is the case with many of the popular beaches on this Central American country’s Pacific Coasts. If you are not a great… Read More


Threatened in Costa Rica – Leatherback Sea Turtles

Leatherback sea turtles are one Costa Rica’s most endangered species, and despite conservation efforts, they are still subject to poaching and the environmental pressures placed by humans and climate change. Come down to Costa Rica and help the… Read More


Tourism Continues to Struggle in Limon

This upcoming October 16 marks the official beginning of the cruise season for 2013-2014. However, expectations in Limon are very low for many reasons. Local merchants in Limon have noticed a steady decline each year in the amount… Read More


Arrested for Fishing without Turtle Excluder Devices

Today the Costa Rican Coast Guard (Guarda Costas) arrested an Ecuadorian ship Maria Aurelia for fishing without a device, which is required by law in Costa Rican waters. This device is called a Turtle Excluder Device or TED… Read More

Sustainable Travel in Costa Rica

Sustainable travel is a very popular trend in Costa Rica, and it provides a level of insurance that the biodiversity of Costa Rica, which draws nearly 2 million tourists each year, is here to stay for future generations…. Read More