Kite Boarding in Bahia Salinas Costa Rica

Bahia Salinas is a very remote city, and just a few miles south of the border with Nicaragua.  However, it is the capital of Kiteboarding in Costa Rica. The town is famous among windsurfers due to the amount… Read More


Hotel Cocal Casino and Tiki Bar – Jaco

Cocal Casino has replaced the Beatle Bar as the place to find women in Jaco. These guys decided to find seats early. When the sun sets, the women flood the place.   It was almost 10 years ago… Read More


Tips for Traveling Alone in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an easy country to visit all by yourself. Here are some tips for traveling solo. When traveling to Costa Rica alone, before we even begin providing tips, lets start with Tip #0. Thats right! You… Read More


BMW Motorocycle Tours Costa Rica

Motorcycle fans- we have wonderful news for you: Costa Rica is ready to welcome you and show you around the scenic routes through mountains and rainforests, past beaches and around volcanoes, all by motorcycle. Costa Rica BMW Motorcycle… Read More


TCR Podcast – Episode 005 – News Updates and Travel Deals

In this episode of the TCR Podcast, we will cover some local news updates and great deals on Costa Rica travel. Press the play button below to hear the forth episode. [audio:] Weather The weather has been very… Read More


TCR Podcast – Episode 001 News Updates and Travel Deals

Introducing the TCR weekly Podcast direct from Costa Rica. The goal is to provide North Americans with fresh weekly information about happenings in Costa Rica. Press the play button below to hear the first episode. [audio:] Surf Report… Read More

Organ Traffickers Caught in San Jose

Three doctors along with a businessman were arrested last Thursday on suspicion of being a member of an worldwide network charged with transplant organs privately hospitals in Costa Rica, Panama And Nicaragua.  The doctors all the well known… Read More


Gun Control Tightens in Costa Rica, but NO BAN

Relative to the US, Costa Rica has a lower rate of gun violence, even thought the per capita GDP is significantly less. Traditionally, experts in the US have traced gun violence to a number of factors, which include… Read More