World Class Surfing in Pavones Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is the place to be for surfing and Pavones is one of the surfing hotspots. The area isn’t just for surfers however. Whether you are a naturalist, birdwatcher, adventure seeker and or just in… Read More


Cabo Matapalo Costa Rica

The secluded Osa Peninsula has many hidden gems. One of the harder to reach destinations in this southern Costa Rican paradise is Cabo Matapalo, or Matapalo, as the locals call it. This small village is the entrance to… Read More


Make it an Eco-Vacation in Carate Costa Rica

Calling all adventure seekers! If you have a 4×4 rental car or are offered a tour to Carate, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this remote town.   The Osa Peninsula is famous for being an ecological jewel… Read More


Sun Rise in Drake Bay Costa Rica

Drake Bay Costa Rica is considered by most Darwinians to be close one of the most biologically diverse places on earth.   Costa Rica is a comparably small country, just about the area of the US state of… Read More


Eco Friendly Hotels in Costa Rica

Eco-friendly travel is the new smart way to travel which supports a new concept called sustainable tourism. Costa Rica’s eco-friendly tourism has been thriving in the last few years. There are many communities throughout the country that are… Read More


Whale Watching in Costa Rica

Whale watching in Costa Rica is a great leisure activity for people of all ages. There are several hot spots along the Pacific coast where you can see whales most of the year. In the Golfo Dulce, which… Read More

Get Rich on Costa Rican Gold

The local newspaper today reported that digging for gold has been increasing in the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica.  The majority is taking place in a protected national park, Corcovado. From prehistoric times to present, it is… Read More