Make it an Eco-Vacation in Carate Costa Rica

Calling all adventure seekers! If you have a 4×4 rental car or are offered a tour to Carate, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this remote town.   The Osa Peninsula is famous for being an ecological jewel… Read More


At Risk in Costa Rica – Hawksbill Turtles

In Costa Rica, most sea turtle populations are endangered due to environmental pressures and poaching, where the sea turtles are hunted and killed for the flesh, shells and eggs. It is truly disgusting to think about. What is… Read More


Climate Change in Costa Rica – Water Supply At Risk

From the lifecycle of butterflies, to sea turtles, Jaguars and even humans, climate change is definitely taking a toll on the fragile ecosystems in Costa Rica. The threat of climate change is never good news for any environment… Read More


Whale Watching in Costa Rica

Whale watching in Costa Rica is a great leisure activity for people of all ages. There are several hot spots along the Pacific coast where you can see whales most of the year. In the Golfo Dulce, which… Read More


Hiking in Costa Rica

Almost everyone who comes to Costa Rica does some sort of hiking or walking, whether it be through the rainforest, on grassy uplands or drylands, or ambling along beaches and well-maintained national park trails. From lowland tropical forest… Read More


Costa Rica Rainforest

Charles Darwin once said that even the smallest insects in the rainforest are examples of millions of years of evolution. The earth is truly an amazing hosts to climates and habitats that are so extremely different, yet co-exist… Read More


Samara Tips Costa Rica

Samara Costa Rica is a hidden gem located on the northern pacific coast in an area called Nosara. In Spanish it is called Playa Samara, with an emphasis on the first syllable of Samara. For many years, this… Read More