Whale and Dolphin Festival 2013

In an effort to put Playa Ballena and Uvita on the tourism map, for whale and dolphin tours, the local community comes together each year and offers special promotions for boat tours to see these amazing whales and dolphines of Costa Rica. Come enjoy the local attractions, restaurants, services, as well as the inexpensive boat tours to see the graceful giants of the sea. This event continues to grow over the years to become one of the primary festivals in the region. There will also be live entertainment, music and other things happening during the festivals.


Uvita and Playa Ballena

You can see whales throughout much of the year.  However the prime time for viewing is July through October and December through March.  It is common to see mother whales, their calves and even the father whale jumping to the surface.  Playa Ballena is well known as being a breeding ground for two groups of whales, which migrate from two different hemispheres.  One group migrates south from the pacific coast around California.  The other migrates north from the Antarctic and Chilean waters.  If you are lucky, you will spot some or all of the following species native to this national park:

  • 60 different species of tropical fish
  • Orca Whales
  • Humpback Whales
  • Bottle-nose Dolphins
  • Spinner Dolphins
  • Leatherback Turtlesmarino-bellena-costa-rica
  • Green Sea Turtles
  • Tropical birds such as Pelicans
  • Green Iguanas

Costa Rica will be offering tours and packages that also teach visitors about the whales.  The tours combine sight-seeing, whale and dolphin viewing, hiking, and snorkeling.  If you have scuba gear that is also an option.  You should plan on packing swim wear, water proof cameras, binoculars, sunscreen lotion and plenty of water to keep hydrated.


The festival runs in two time periods:

  • September 7, 8 and 9
  • September 14, 15 and 16

The hotels in this area are very small and rooms are selling out fast.  If you plan to visit for the Whale and Dolpin Festival 2013, you should book your trip and secure your hotel now.  The our Expedia affiliated booking engine, we present some excellent hotel options below.  Furthermore, Expedia offers a low price guarantee, so book now before its too late.


The festival is located in Marino Ballena National Park, Mainstreet in Playa Bahia Ballena and Playa Uvita.  The festival will be central to Bahia Ballena and Uvita beach towns.  You will find specials at restaurants, deals at hotels, bars, and other attractions.  You will receive a special price at the entrance to the Marino Ballena National Park.  If you want to try to find a hotel in Uvita, you should use the map and call to make reservations.  These will be very small and rustic.  If you want a nicer hotel, but a few minutes away in Playa Ojochal, please check the hotels below.

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Hotels in the Area

El Castillo

  • Rooms start at $99 per night
  • Pool
  • Room Servce
  • Bar and lounge
el-castillo-ojochal-room el-castillo-ojochal-pool

Alma de Ojochal

  • Rooms start at $99 per night
  • Pool and room service
  • Poolside bar
  • Restaurant
alma-ojochal alma-de-ojochal-lounge

Hotel Lookout (Playa Tortugas)

  1. Rooms start at $83 per night
  2. Pool
  3. Bar and lounge
  4. Restaurant
the-lookout-playa-ojochal lookout-playa-tortuga










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